Understanding The Myths Of Trend & Patterns (Free Ebook)

This report was written to illuminate the top misunderstood Forex areas and
help Forex traders succeed and stay profitable. The information is presented in
a readable way for beginners as well as advanced traders that want to tune up
their trading approach and increase their success rate. You will learn by
stressing the common mistakes and often revealing obvious but underestimated
trading techniques.


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Most traders start by asking the correct question: “What’s the current market
trend?”, but then most of them fail to determine the trend correctly and almost
all traders miss the next important question: “How reliable is the current
If you don’t take the trend into account, you will often be tricked into placing
low winning-probability trades. Trend is your friend. By following the trend it
can only be better. But you have to distinguish between the real trend and very
tempting price action that wants to play with your emotions.
You will also understand the basic principles behind chart patterns, how to draw
strong trend lines, how to recognize the patterns and how to trade them. We
always keep trading simple and therefore we focus only on the most reliable
chart patterns. With the following knowledge, you will be able to spot the
patterns leading to explosive price movements and then trade profitably with it.


Great book and information that really provides actionable trading knowledge.


   Download Understanding Trends & Patterns (Free Ebook)