Recommended Trading Tools

While building and developing my Forex trading business. I’ve been through my share of multiple troubles, losses and tribulations. It was and is a tough nut to crack, especially on your own. 

I’ve tried dozens of expert adviser’s, robots, indicators, systems and courses. Most of them had some value but 95% were lacking in living up to their claims. Usually I will take what I found as value and applied it to some of my own techniques (knowledge from courses and experience) and customize my own trading systems from these tools and courses.

If your anything like me you might find yourself doing the same thing. Especially sense we all have different personalities, likes, dislikes and trade during different time zones.

Full disclosure… The links below are most likely affiliate links, meaning I receive compensation if you click them and order. With that said, the only reason I am promoting these items is because these are the tools and resources I use to grow my business! You pay the same price, whether you sign up from my link or direct with the company.

Lets get to it…

#1. Forex Trendy Pattern and Trend Scanner: I like this tool because it provides an easy and user friendly way to analyze the markets and find the best pairs to trade. Usually the markets that are trending have better follow through no matter which direction you trade either with the trend or counter the trend depending on your strategy at the time. See this short intro video below.