Recommended Courses

This page contains only the best-of-the-best courses that I’ve gone through and have gotten great value from.

I am not including the tools or software I use and recommend here, just the courses.  To learn about the tools I use to grow my business, click here.

For transparency and disclosure, you should assume that all links on this page are affiliate links and that I do receive a commission if you click through and purchase. You pay the same price whether you sign up through my link or with the company.

That said, I only recommend products that I have used personally and recommend based on how beneficial they will be to you in growing your business to the next level. No product that I have found is going to be the holy grail and most of them promise higher expectations (Forex hype) than what can be expected. However the combination of learning, applying it with demo, and tracking my experience has made a big difference in my trading.

It takes a lot for a course to make this list and out of the 50+ courses I’ve been through, you will notice only a tiny fraction make it here.

I don’t have any expensive course to sell you. It’s just me here behind the scenes giving away free trading content that I have learned over the years from online courses and my own experiences. These are just some great courses to advance your trading as it did mine.

Ok, onto the list.

#1 The Forex Daily Trading System

In my opinion, trading is made up of several components. One of them is having a selection of strategies and knowledge to pull from. Just like a builder has multiple tools for various types of jobs or specific projects. Trading is similar and this is why I would recommend gaining as much strategy knowledge as you can with The Forex Daily System on a continual basis.

Forex trading skills are priceless to some degree.  This course I bought a little while ago and found it very useful, However it is a bit dated the trade examples and time period was back about 8 years ago. None the less still found multiple strategies and techniques that I use in today’s trading. There is something like 134 videos of training covering Forex trading from complete beginner to advance methods and strategies utilizing basic indicators found on our default charting software. Nothing fancy just pure trading. If you are an experienced trader you can skip over the beginner stuff and dive right into the advance. Great option for those needing an education on a budget.


#2 Forex Self Coaching Program For Market Traders

This is An Intensive Self Coaching Program (ebook) For Market Traders.

30 Days Trading Transformation (also known as 30 DTT) is an intensiveaction-driven character transformation program which helps you become a better TRADER in just 30 days.

30DTT is jam-packed with 30 intensive lessons and highly effective tasks to be completed each day, from eliciting your dreams, challenging your goals, understanding your Values, applying Belief Cycles, unfolding your Beliefs (self, market and system), creating routines and lifestyles, breaking down and re-building your trading system, calibrating your emotions, and many more.

Each task has been specially created and designed to search for solutions deep within yourself to aid you in maturing into a better trader.

This intensive coaching system was vital to me in order to achieve my goals as a much better trader.


#3  Forex Master Method Evolution

Every few months these extremely powerful training and software courses come out. I know these authors and have bought several of their products. These are high quality and extremely educational compared to most. Let me warn you though, these too are over hyped up but you will get your money’s worth. Plus they usually have a 60 day money back guarantee. So you have plenty of time to review the product to see if it the right fit.

They have group mentoring, free trading tools and webinars to help you learn and answer all your questions for an extended period of time. If you have the time and dedication to invest in your trading this is the best way to go. Forex Master Method Evolution