Forex, Short Trendline Breakout Trading

Today’s trade, selling USDCAD


After a change in direction from yesterday’s early, overall, uptrend. The Cad began a downtrend pattern. I watch for ascending price action lines in a downtrend and descending lines in an uptrend. In this case I took a trade off the break of the ascending trend line. (see pic below). Usually you get good trades when these breaks occur. Just using pricing action and pattern breakouts here, nothing fancy. Keeping my eyes on the charts and waiting for something to stand out is another simple way I will look for trades.



USDCAD bearish trade

This is a type of raw trading. A lot of professional traders will read the charts like this and trade these pattern setups. Reading the charts, checking support levels, resistance levels and then watching for trades between the two is the basic formula.

Hope you find this helpful!

Happy Trading!

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Market Review 4 16 17 Looking at the up coming week

I have done some weekend analysis on the CADJPY, EURUSD and GBPAUD. Currently these markets have some good technical signals with possible sell signals approaching, Lets see how it goes. Trade Well!





The trend and pattern recognizer I use referenced in the video above is available here


Good Trading!


Forex Market Check & Trading Tips

This week the USD/CAD and CAD/JPY  are on my watch list.. Possible short trades on CAD/JPY  if the current up trend continues to deteriorate. USD/CAD may bounce off it’s current top and head down but it is looking a little if-ie.. : )  Seems like it wants to break out toward the up side. Will see what happens.

Check out last week’s assessment here


This weeks market assessment video below:




Trade Well!


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Forex Market Check & Trading Tips

This week we are doing a quick review of the EUR/CAD and GBP/JPY. EUR/CAD is currently in a bullish channel having made a reversal signal in the price action after a bounce off support I’m looking for buys on shorter time frames. GBP/JPY is a bit of a mixed bag but still looking for possible trades to the down side short term. Will see what happens. Check out the video below for more details.

In my opinion the more you can learn about analyzing and assessing the markets direction the better trader you become. It is 1 of the major keys to successful trading!

Trade Well Friends!






Sooo..What Happen?

Here’s The Follow Up!






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Market Check

Hi Traders!

Just a quick Heads up! As we head into the holidays ahead, trading is going to be weak or stopped almost for the last couple days of this week and next week. Thursday, Friday and Sunday this week, and next week I won’t be trading.

I have added a trend watch list (see pic 1) on my site so you can use it as a reference when checking the markets etc.. every evening I will be updating it to the current trend as time goes on .. It may not change from day to day for extended periods but that just means the trend is still holding.


ScreenShot-My trend updates


Forex Trend and Pattern tools

As you can see most of the pairs are CAD related. I have also notice that most of the pairs with the CAD in them are a lot more active this week so far while things are slow. Such as EUR/CAD GBP/CAD etc..

We especially want to watch them tomorrow because there will be some High Impact news reports (see pic 2) coming out on the CAD tomorrow.

While using the BUY/SELL Scalper with my advanced techniques (you will find revealed in the member’s area videos.) Sign up on the email list to gain access if you haven’t already.

I have notice some good trades when other markets are not moving very much.

Managed to catch a 20 pip gain on the EUR/CAD yesterday and saw several possible good trades looking back on the charts today.

News Calendar

Keep a watch on it! Hope you can catch a few great trades!

Until next time!

Happy Holidays and a Very Very Happy and Profitable New Year!

Best Regards!



Market Review

In this video we review some of the ways I look for trades and review the current market conditions on 3-30-15.


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Forex Trend And Pattern Finder Tool