Welcome to Learning Forex Trade where we review my trading methods, how I approach the market  and various types of trading techniques for you to learn and develop your own style of trading or follow along. A trading strategy is a type of vehicle to effectively trade in the markets. Below are 3 types of strategies you can use for free. Test, Test and test any strategy on demo until it proves to work for you!


#1.  The Heiken Ashi strategy and custom trend indicator is now available again by going to the Heiken Ashi page. 



   #2.  Is the Profit Force Strategy. See training videos below.



   #3.   Is the Accelerator Strategy. See traing videos below.


Over the years developing different styles of trading has kinda just been my thing as you evolve as a trader it becomes a part of developing your own more comfortable and profitable style of trading to better fit your personality and schedule.


This website remains here as a type of sharing point where you can review my strategies and use them as another tool in your trading tool box.


Feel free to look around the site and check out all the free trading content for your use. I will leave it up to you to book mark this page and return as often as you like as we provide more content in the future. If you would like to receive alerts when new content is posted please feel free to subscribe to my You tube channel “Traders Shop Talk”


Have a great trading day! Be well!

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 There are 2 Forex strategies I like use (most of the time): Below are videos that show you how to set up the charts and trade these strategies. As with every new strategy take the time to demo trade and learn how these work best with your trading style. I really think you are going to enjoy them.


Strategy #2. The Profit Force:

  • Video 1 of 3

  • Video 2 of 3

  • Video 3 of 3








Strategy #3. The Accelerator Strategy

  • Video 1 of 2


  • Video 2 of 2






Trading is an investment tool to be used at your own discretion.


 It is highly recommended that you demo trade until you are confident in your skill and successful with your demo accounts. Please read our full disclaimer –> click  here